For the next three (3) days, Craftsy is having a half-price sale on all of their online knitting classes. The cool thing about these classes is that once you’ve enrolled, you can watch the class wherever you want and as often as you want. And you can also ask the instructor for clarification if you run into problems. It’s like having your own private workshop.


My class is called Save Our Stitches: Fixing Knitting Mistakes, but there are loads of other great classes on essential basics, skill building, and mastery of all sorts of knitting techniques.

For a bit of fun, the folks at Craftsy are running a friendly contest among the teachers to see who can entice the most students to enroll in any of the knitting classes — regardless of the teacher. Follow this link to enroll in classes. It’s a win-win situation — you save 50% on any class and I get to compete with the likes of Amy Herzog, Clara Parkes, Lucy Neatby, Sally Melville, Anne Hanson, Franklin Habit, Romi Hill, Nancy Marchant, Eunny Jang, Stephen West, and Amy Singer.

Won’t you take a moment to tell me which class(es) you’d most like to take?

I don’t know what possessed me, but I agreed to do a video workshop on cast-ons and bind-offs for Interweave. I’ve spent the last couple of months researching techniques and knitting endless swatches in preparation for the taping last week.

Interweave has a pretty good method to organize the tapings–the materials (in my case, swatches, needles, etc.) are grouped in trays in the order they are to be presented. So that I could keep track of what was what, I did the cast-on swatches in red:

And the bind-off swatches in blue:

We taped more than 30 cast-ons and more than 20 bind-offs, including variations. I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much in a single day!

I believe the video will be available in August, but that probably depends on how much editing needs to be done. Hopefully, there will be something left after all my bloopers have been removed. If you do have cause to watch the video, be kind. I’ll never get used to being in front of a camera (or three!).